Interpretation | Greater Taipei Arts Festival x Dr. Paul Allen Miller: Resisting Digital Commodity Culture

I just realised interpreting with a manuscript is just as difficult as the textbook proclaims!

Dr Paul Allen Miller is the Vice Provost, the Director of International Affairs, and a Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature at the University of South Carolina. This time, he visits both the National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA) and the National Taiwan University (NTU) to deliver a speech and promote a series of books he coauthors with NTU’s professors.

In his talk, he mentioned quite some different philosophical ideas, including “the absurd in Duras’s Les petits chevaux de Tarquinia, Zen Koans as a spiritual practice, and the Socratic pursuit of aporia” to elaborate the resistance to commodified culture.

He also talked about how “universal equivalent” kills the values of higher education.

Photo by Liu Wei-Tsan / Yo-Chang Art Museum
Photo by Liu Wei-Tsan / Yo-Chang Art Museum

It took me an enormous amount of time to prepare for this interpretation job as Dr Paul Allen Miller has put lots of effort to bring all these ideas together, and it is a highly informative essay quoting so many authors. Dr Miller told me that he had prepared for this note for a couple of months! Imagine how difficult it can be to interpret such an essay with complicated ideas and so many references… I’m happy that I completed this mission with compliments given to me by NTUA’s President, Mr Chen, and the Director of International Cooperation Division at NTUA, Mr Li.

Photo by Liu Wei-Tsan / Yo-Chang Art Museum

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Filming A Cantonese Ad? Working with HK Dentists in An Ad Video Production Session!

This was a special project for me — participating in a promotional video shooting session aka doing Cantonese>English interpretation for a UK marketing firm as they were filming ads for Hong Kong!

Sounds complicated?

Photo by Daniel Frank

I had the same feeling at the beginning too. But anyway, as shooting ads is so much cheaper in Taiwan than in Hong Kong, the whole team flew to Taipei to film this video!

The dentists are from Hong Kong and Macau, and the filming crew is from the UK, so I interpreted what the dentists say to the UK team so that they knew if the dentists spoke right — there are regulations about advertising in Hong Kong so they had to make sure no one violated those rules when filming the ad.

Photo by Daniel Frank

This is my first-time experience to participate in the filming session. I enjoyed the job a lot and glad that I met some interesting HK colleagues during that session.

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