So thrilled to share with you – my second publication in 2020! 

“Huang Zan-Lun Collection of Settings”

We had been working on this book for more than six months up until the lunar new year. Yet, after that, when everyone was about to resume the work, our beloved editor-in-chief made a brave decision to further extend the deadline, which means she wouldn’t be able to sell this book in Taipei International Book Exhibition (TiBE), the most important event for publishers in Taiwan.

The thing is, she didn’t consider it a chance missed but believed that it is an opportunity to make the book a perfect portfolio for the artist. You can now tell how decisive and brilliant her decision was. I’m so honoured to work with her – as always.

(In the middle of March, TiBE was cancelled for the first time in 30 years due to the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak.)

For the book title, we had some good discussions on it, and we put “Collection of Settings” as the book title for a reason.

The author Zan-Lun and the editor-in-chief Tanya both valued Japanese animations a lot and considered them inspiring throughout their life. In Japan, they prefer to use “setting collection” or “collection of settings” for their art books. We therefore decided to make it the title for this book.

About the book

With a collection of artist statement, drafts, essays by professional critics… This is the best chance to explore artist Huang Zan-Lun’s works, his philosophy, and himself as a person!

The book is now available on Taaze.

Click here to buy the book online if you are a fan of Huang’s work.

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