I escaped to Singapore for five days in September. As I made the third day of the trip a day for museums and galleries, I visited the National Gallery Singapore to begin the day.

I went to see both Lim Cheng Hoe’s and Wu Guanzhong’s solo exhibitions, and the first one came with a free guide. Aside from guiding us through the show, the guide also shared some stories about the development of Singapore with us.

National Gallery Singapore offers free guides to visitors in English and Mandarin. You can register to join at the ground floor.

Source: National Gallery Singapore: Lim Cheng Hoe

“Lim Cheng Hoe (1912–1979) was the leading watercolour artist of his generation and one of the founders of the Singapore Watercolour Society. Largely self-taught, he studied painting under the then-art inspector of schools, Richard Walker, and honed his skills in the 1950s and 1970s by practicing and interacting with fellow artists during outdoor painting sessions.” (by National Gallery Singapore)

In the showroom. Photo by Rye

“Beginning with the early days of his practice in the 1930s, this exhibition features over 60 artworks, sketches and archival materials that highlight Lim’s mastery of outdoor watercolour landscape painting.” (by National Gallery Singapore)

Not titled – Kampong House with Two Figures
Source: National Gallery Singapore: Lim Cheng Hoe
Not titled – Construction Site in the City
Source: National Gallery Singapore: Lim Cheng Hoe

“Lim’s style of painting had changed by the late 1960s. He sought to capture the modod of a scene in addition to form and texture.”

The Estuary
Photo by Rye
Lim’s portrait works.
Photo by Rye

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